A Client Story- Coronado Home Inspector

A Client Story- Coronado Home Inspector

I meet some very interesting clients as a home inspector here in southern California. Some young- some old, some first-time buyers- some veteran investors, some native Californians- some from out-of-country. Every new day is a surprise. It's what makes my occupation so very interesting. As a Coronado home inspector, I realize I am in the people business. I love meeting new people!

The majority of my clients are home buyers. It brings me great pleasure to help bring clarity to them at a time when they are under a great deal of stress. Especially first-time home buyers. A real estate transaction can make them feel as if they are joining the military with all the paperwork involved. The process can be a bit overwhelming for them. A well-done home inspection can give them some peace-of-mind. All the cards are out on the table for them. The fear of the unknown diminishes.

Some clients are actively involved in the inspection process while others would rather relax until their personal walk-through at the end of the inspection. Either way suits me just fine. It is an individual thing- it varies from client to client. I want my clients to feel comfortable.



Here's a photo of Tessa, one of my most memorable clients from a home inspection done several years ago. Tessa was in her mid-70's and wanted to be involved in the inspection.  I arrived at the inspection site five minutes early and Tessa was waiting for me at the curb with a clipboard in her hand. This would be her retirement home; she was very excited. She followed me everywhere I went (except for the roof and attic). She asked some great questions!


As I began to suit up for the crawlspace inspection, Tessa caught me by surprise when she asked if she could tag along! She had come prepared with a flashlight, camera, shower cap, and a bed sheet to wrap around her. I wasn't about to dampen her enthusiasm, so after she had donned her crawlspace gear, we had a short photo session (which Tessa agreed to), and we prepared to go under the home. After I had cleared the spider webs out of the way for her, she peered into the opening, and gracefully decided against the idea. No shame- I commend you for your bravery, Tessa! That memory still brings a smile to my face. (I'm smiling now.) Besides, you never know what you might run into in the crawlspace!

Steve Stenros, a Coronado home inspector, is the owner of First Choice Inspections. Steve provides quality home inspections and customer satisfaction throughout San Diego, Orange, and Riverside counties. He is a CREIA-certified MCI inspector (Master CREIA Inspector). Call 888-335-3040 to schedule an appointment. Clients receive a FREE lifetime appliance RecallChek with every standard inspection, and can request to receive our bi-weekly "Tech Tips"- simple do-it-yourself tips to make your home more enjoyable and efficient.

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