Drain Problems: What To Look For- San Diego Home Inspection- Part 1

Drain Problems: What To Look For- San Diego Home Inspection- Part 1

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A home inspector is a house detective- looking for clues or evidence- ways to find out the history of a home. I was conducting a San Diego home inspection at a 1950-built single family residence in La Mesa, CA. I was on the roof and one of the plumbing vents caught my eye. (The plumbing vents are the pipes you see sticking up through the roof.)


Clue #1: A home built in 1950 would have cast iron drain piping installed. The plumbing vents I was looking at were ABS piping (the black plastic drain piping used in modern residential construction) meaning either A) The original cast iron drain piping was deteriorated and was replaced with ABS, or B) The home had an addition/remodel. In this case, a master bedroom and bath had been added to the original home.



Clue #2: As I inspected the plumbing vent over the master bath, I noticed a groove in the top edge of the vent pipe. Looking down into the pipe, I could see rust-colored stains in a swirling pattern. Got it yet? That's right- a plumber had been on the roof and had "snaked" the drain line. Obviously, there had been previous issues with blockage in the drain system.




Clue #3: I came down off the roof and looked into the crawlspace access under the home. All of the cast iron drain lines had been replaced with ABS piping. This is good news! Replacing a deteriorated cast iron drain system can be costly.

However, the problem may not be completely solved...





I'll be back tomorrow for Part 2 of this post! I'll show you some very simple things to look for when you pull up in front of a home that can tell you the house may have drain issues. Steve Stenros of First Choice Inspections is your San Diego home inspection professional and is available for appointment by calling 888-335-3040. Clients receive a FREE lifetime RecallChek with every standard home inspection.

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