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10/14/2010 - First Choice Inspections has added to their standard home inspection a RecallChek report, free of charge, to all clients. RecallChek is a reporting system that alerts homeowners of appliances that have been recalled due to fire or safety issues, and has resulted in thousands of free repairs from the manufacturer nationwide.

“The best thing about RecallChek is that we are able to provide a solution to the buyer, rather than bringing up an objection, and we find about one recalled appliance for every five homes we inspect. Other inspection companies aren’t even checking for recalled appliances- with RecallChek we can guarantee that if you have one, we will find it!” Steve Stenros, President of First Choice Inspections explained.

This is simply one more way that First Choice Inspections can help their referring agents reduce their liability while increasing customer satisfaction and closing rates. Countless fires nationwide are caused by recalled appliances, and if it happens while homes are under contract it can be quite a mess.

By providing homeowners with the details of a recall, including how to get the appliance repaired by the manufacturer for free, First Choice Inspections is continuing to set the standard for all home inspections in California. First Choice Inspections can be reached by calling 888-335-3040 and can be found on the web at

First Choice Inspections has provided peace of mind, one home at a time. First Choice Inspections has earned a reputation for top quality inspections and superior service. First Choice Inspections performs residential and commercial property inspections. We adhere to a strict code of ethics that is among the most comprehensive in the industry. We are always available to answer your questions, even after the report is complete and you are in your new home. For more information or to schedule a home inspection, call 888-335-3040.


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