San Diego Home Inspector Roof Inspection

San Diego Home Inspector Roof Inspection

I just finished conducting a home inspection for a client in Poway, CA near San Diego. I feel very blessed to be a San Diego home inspector where I never have to deal with snow or ice-covered roofs during a home inspection. I walk the roofs on 95% of the homes I inspect. The only time I will not go on a roof is when it is unsafe to do so, or if there are lightweight clay tiles installed (easily breakable). In that case, a limited roof inspection is done from the ground with binoculars, and/or from the roof eaves with a ladder. A qualified licensed roofing contractor should then be consulted for a full evaluation. An experienced home inspector knows how to safely navigate a roof, and can do so without damaging the roof material in most cases.



A San Diego home inspector will find one of three types of roofing on 90% of the homes here in southern California- composition shingle, concrete tile, or clay tile. The roof at this Poway home inspection had flat-profile concrete tiles installed. These tiles are very easy to navigate if you know where to step. (I show you how in the video.) It is very important for a home inspector to get on the roof whenever possible. Many significant defects such as improper flashings, broken or slipped tiles, improper installations, or missing weather-stopping are not visible when viewing a roof from the ground or with a ladder at the eaves.

Water intrusion issues are the leading cause of litigation against home inspectors. You may think, "Why does a San Diego home inspector have to worry about water intrusion?" Anyone living here can testify that, contrary to popular belief elsewhere in the nation, it not only rains in southern California- we receive heavy downpours at times. Water intrusion can cause costly damage to your home. A quality home inspector will not only conduct a thorough roof inspection, but will also take a close look at the underside of the roof from the attic area (by actually entering the attic), as well as looking for moisture staining and evidence of past roof leakage at the ceilings throughout the home.


Imagine moving into the new home you've just purchased. What excitement and safisfaction! You install your 55" flat screen television, move in that costly leather sofa set, or you have that nice hardwood floor installed. Your first night in the home, a torrential rain storm hits. The next morning you walk out into your living room to the sight of water dripping through the ceiling! Avoid this nightmare by consulting the services of a qualified, experienced San Diego home inspector and locating those roof defects before the damage is done.


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