Top 10 Things Not Covered In A Home Inspection

Top 10 Things Not Covered In A Home Inspection


Potential home inspection clients ask me, "Do you cover this? Do you cover that?". There is much confusion as to what is and is not covered in a home inspection. Since there are "Top 10" lists for just about everything else, I've made a list of the top 10 things not covered in a home inspection:


1.   Low-voltage systems

  • Computer, phone, built-in audio, intercom systems, landscape lighting, security, irrigation systems, etc. (I offer an inspection upgrade which includes evaluation of the irrigation system.)

2.   Accessory items

  • Fountains, water purification systems, shower steamer units, water circulator pumps, remote control units, mechanical driveway gates, etc.

3.   Inaccessible systems or components

  • Outside area drains, components within walls or ceilings, padlocked electrical panels, locked rooms, attic areas too cluttered for access or with limited clearance, etc.

4.   Termite/Pest inspection

  • Although I note dry rot or termite-damaged areas that I see during my home inspection, I advise my clients to refer to the termite report. A licensed pest inspection company provides an extensive evaluation and prescribes remedies for treatment.

5.   Septic and well inspection 

  • These specialized inspections are available through private contractors.

6.   Environmental testing

  • An industrial hygienist, mold, lead paint, or haz-mat specialist can be consulted for environmental testing and clean-up. (When I discover suspected environmental hazards during a home inspection, they are noted in my report. Lab testing is necessary to confirm the presence of hazardous material.)

7.   Check for permits

  • If a home has had alterations, additions, or remodeling, a check for permits is beyond the scope of a home inspection.

8.   Repair or replacement estimates

  • Licensed contractors should be consulted for repair estimates. The California Business & Professions Code prohibits a home inspector from performing any repairs on a home inspected within one year.

9.   Energy efficiency

  • Determining a home's degree of energy efficiency is beyond the scope of a home inspection. (I offer an infrared energy scan for an additional fee.)


10. Remaining life of components or systems

  • One of the questions I get asked most is, "How long will this roof last?" In this case, a roofing contractor can issue a roof certification which will guarantee the roof to be leak-free for a set number of years.




So, there's my list of top 10 things not covered in a home inspection! Steve Stenros is the owner of First Choice Inspections and is a CREIA MCI inspector. Clients receive a FREE lifetime appliance RecallChek with every standard home inspection. Appointments can be obtained by calling 888-335-3040.

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